With its unique cultural and historical significance, Sophiatown serves as a vital space for pushing boundaries in the fields of art and music. Sophiatown The Mix is pivotal to that development, providing the community access to music, art, photography, talks and tours. In keeping with its role in bringing the community together, The Mix is proud to announce that it will be adding music education to its offerings. The Sophiatown Academy of Music seeks to nurture and honour the creativity and culture which underpins Sophiatown, allowing students of all ages and backgrounds to learn how to play music and connect with like-minded individuals.

SAM is affiliated and based on a music school in Cape Town, called the Woodstock Academy of Music. The Woodstock Academy of Music was founded in 2012 by well-known South African saxophonist Rus Nerwich. After identifying the need for more music training centres in Cape Town, Nerwich sought to create a space in which anybody with a passion for music could come learn to play whether it be for enjoyment or the beginning of a musical career, while providing accomplished musicians with a place to rehearse and record their tracks.